Promoting My 2015 Posts!

Hey Guys x

I said I was going to do this every Sunday, but then the Oscars came around and that was definitely my priority!

However, I'm back on it now, promoting more of my old posts that you probably never got a chance to see!

I've picked my favourites, and the ones that I had the most fun writing, so I hope you enjoy reading these old posts!

2015 Posts

This is mostly a picture post, but just looking back at these pictures makes me really nostalgic and happy. But also, some of the pictures are actually taken really well! As I said in the post, I didn't take any, but one of my friends definitely has a hidden photography skill that I don't know about!

This is my second most-viewed post ever! So to be honest, the only reason I'm promoting it is because it's a post that I still hold so dear and close to my heart. Louise still does mean a lot to me, and from the comments, it appears that a lot of you guys understand why.

I picked this one because it's so interesting to see which of these tips and tricks I still believe in. For the record, I do still agree with most of these, but have since found many other things that work for blogging. Maybe I should do a follow-up post to this?

One of my first proper milestones was my first blog anniversary. It's so weird to look at that post when I now have my third anniversary coming up next month. When I wrote that post, I had 17,962 views and was just loving blogging! Now I have 79,862 and am still loving blogging just as much, if not more!

This post means a lot to me for a wide variety of reasons. Mainly because Helen Bailey was the first (and only) author I ever interviewed. She was so nice and so willing to help me, and I'll never be able to thank her enough for following me on twitter and giving me the courage to ask her for an interview, let alone her being so nice and saying yes. She has passed away since then, so I wanted to include this to remind me of her.

This post stood out for me because in it, I talked about how much I hated school and how I didn't know if I'd ever look back and not hate it. It's been nearly two years since then and I can honestly say that I do still hate school and I'd never go back. In fact, I'm not a huge fan of the education system in general to be honest.

I loved this post, and this tag! I was tagged to put up 8 pictures of things that made me happy, and I love that a lot of these things still make me incredibly happy to this day. This is definitely a post that I'd love to re-do - especially because I now have Instagram, so I could find these pictures a lot more easily!

I can't believe it took me this long to use Amazon for the first time! I mean, today I use amazon literally all the time! In fact, I purchased something as recently as two days ago and, using amazon prime, it arrived yesterday! It was Giovanna Fletcher's newest book 'Happy Mum, Happy Baby' and I'm already 50 pages into what is an amazing book!

I put this here because this is the one and only time I've ever shared any actual prose writing on my blog. I kind of want to start doing this again because I feel like it would be beneficial, as well as giving me more confidence to share my work in class etc. So let me know what you think about that!

I created my own Disney based tag and it was the most fun! I created every part of this movie and I feel like I could write this so confidently, because I honestly know everything that is going to happen in this story. Maybe Disney will read my post and ask me to write the movie for them? Haha, I wish!

This last post is from my birthday celebration in 2015, and it was really fun. My friends and I did some baking and made Captain America cupcakes, which were so great!

Thank you for reading!

Leave me some of your old posts in the comments!

Lou xx


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