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Hey Guys x

I had seen this advertise a few times before I went to see it, but I never really understood what the premise was until I actually saw it.

It's about a woman who has moved to a new State and changed her life because she was being stalked. However, that experience is still mentally affecting her, so she decides to a counsellor. When she signs some paperwork, she realises that she has accidentally committed herself to the 'Highland Creek Behavioral Centre' for 24 hours. However, the staff at the facility quickly extend her stay when they begin to question her sanity. But when she thinks that her old stalker is in the facility with her, will she get anyone to believe her? And is she really seeing what she thinks she's seeing?

I thought this film had such a good and interesting premise. The idea that she might be trapped in the facility with her stalker is something that I was really interested in, particularly if they had played with the aspect of whether he was actually there or not.

Unfortunately for me, this film was really spoiled by the last third.

I wanted there to be this really great, chilling M. Night Shyamalan style twist. I won't say exactly what my idea was because it'll spoil what actually happens in the movie but, suffice it to say I was disappointed.

It had a lot of great potential. I was invested in the main character because I felt like what happened to her could literally happen to anyone. The way that they committed her was something so simple and yet so sinister. They were just like: 'we have to check your bag', 'we have to take your phone', 'please change into this gown' - and I really liked this because you can completely see how this could happen to her.

However, there were a lot of unrealistic things about the film. For a start, the way that the main character was acting throughout the film was really annoying. You know from my description that her stay gets extended if they begin to question her sanity, so why did she not just act sane?? It baffled me that it took her so long to work out how to manipulate the situation in her favour!

And the whole stalker thing was another thing that annoyed me. The storyline began well, especially when she thought that she saw him in her facility. But then it got a bit unrealistic. I don't want to spoil anything, but someone in the facility did illegal things that, by the end of the movie no one really cared about.

So overall, the movie had a lot of potential that it didn't really live up to. I'd still recommend it, just because it's a great concept and the first half of the movie genuinely is quite good. Plus, it's fun to think of your own alternative ending!



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