Solo Cinema Trips!

Hey Guys x

Recently, I've seen a lot of people talking about whether or not it's socially acceptable to go to the cinema alone, so I thought I'd add my two cents to that debate.

Before last year, I had never been to the cinema alone. I'd miss out on films that I wanted to see because I had no one to go with, but I couldn't think of anything sadder than going to the cinema alone.

The first time I did it, I went to see La La Land - I was self conscious for about three seconds, and then the film started, and I couldn't care less that I hadn't gone with anyone.

I've since been to the cinema alone too many times to count (the last time I went alone was yesterday, to see 'A Wrinkle In Time), and I'm now at the point where that's my preferred method of seeing movies.

The first thing to know about going to the cinema alone is that, there are so many people who do it. Next time you go with a friend, look around to see who's there with someone and who's not, because there's usually an equal mix of both and it's fine.

Also, no one in the theatre really cares who came there with who, and why would they? Do you go to the cinema and judge people for going alone? I doubt it!

I mean, it's always nice to go with your friends to the cinema. You get to discuss the movie after, you get to share snacks and share looks throughout and it feels like a really good day out. But for me, this is something that should be done for special films. Not every film deserves to be some kind of event. Some films are just something that you personally want to see. For me, 'Red Sparrow' was one of those films. I didn't even consider asking someone to go with me because I didn't even really know why I wanted to see it. If anything, I just fancied going to the cinema and would have seen anything (but I'm glad I saw that, because it's such a good film!)

Another thing I love about going alone, I can go at any time! Sometimes there's early showings of movies that, as I live so close to the cinema, I can literally just wake up and go straight away without waiting for anyone.

It's so easy to get fully invested in a film when you're there alone. You're not thinking about anything but the movie, and my experience is better for it a lot of the time. Plus, I don't miss out on those small films that no one else has even heard of!

So in my opinion, going to the cinema alone is the best way to do it, especially if you're a film fanatic, as I am. Plus, it makes going with other people that much more special!



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