My 4th Blogiversary!

Hey Guys x

Last year I missed it, so this year I made sure that I remembered to post for my blogiversary!

I have been blogging for 4 years yesterday! I always talk about how unbelievable it is, but every year it reminds me how quickly time flies. When I first started blogging I was still in sixth form with university only a fleeting worry that I didn't need to think about because I still had over a year to go before starting.

Now it's four years on, and I'm about to graduate!

Blogging is a constant that has accompanied me through every point in my life for the last four years, whether I've blogged about it or not. There were points when I was blogging every day, and points where I didn't blog for a solid two weeks, but it didn't matter because the blog was always here, waiting for me.

One thing I've done this year is completely changed my blog design and given it a bit of a revamp. My content mainly consists of reviews with the occasional random post sprinkled in here and there, and I'm completely fine with that because I post about what's important to me.

Something I always include in these posts is the amount of pageviews that I'm currently on. I've been so incredibly lucky with this blog in that my pageviews are the one thing that is always incredibly consistent, and I can't remember the last time it stopped getting views, which is amazing. I'm currently on over 102,000 , which is a number that I can't even fathom because it doesn't compute in my brain that my little blog has been clicked on over one hundred thousand times!

So thanks for clicking, thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, it really means so much to me that after four years there are still people that care about what I have to say.

So again, thanks so much for reading this! Here's to the next 4 years!



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