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Hey Guys x

As part of 'World Kindness Day', I got to see this film 2 weeks early at my local cinema and couldn't wait to give it a review!

This is based on a book - whether you like the movie, or the idea of the movie or not, you all should definitely read the book because it's an incredible story.

So, this movie is about a boy called Auggie. All he wants is to be ordinary, but he can't be, because of his facial disfigurement. Or, more accurately, the way that people react to his disfigurement. When the movie starts, Auggie is about to go to school for the first time, having been home schooled by his mother until then. Middle School is hard enough when everyone isn't staring at you, when people aren't scared of speaking to you or touching you. For Auggie, this makes school 10 times worse. Auggie can't change his face, but can the other students change the way they see him?

I loved this film. Like, seriously loved it.

I loved the book, so I was really excited for it. But I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. I didn't expect it to be so emotional. There were at least 4 times during the film where I was trying really hard to hold back tears.

For me, the standout characters of this film weren't necessarily the ones that are expected. The character that I felt the most sorry for was Auggie's older sister Via. 
In the film, she describes their household as being the Earth, with everything in it revolving around the sun/son. She never gets attention from her parents because they are focused on Auggie. And she doesn't resent them for this, because she's come to understand that this is just the way it is - Auggie gets the most attention because he needs the most attention. And I just thought that she was so strong and amazing, and incredibly selfless. She was the best sister that Auggie could have ever had.

And then there were Auggie's friends. Without giving anything away, he does come to make a few friends, and his friends are the type of kids that everyone wants to know. They're able to look past his disfigurement, and to see the person that he is inside - and seeing that from little kids definitely makes me emotional.

For me, getting to see this film on 'World Kindness Day' was really poignant. Kindness isn't something that we should have to strive for, it should be something ingrained in us. It doesn't take anything to be kind to people.

'When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.'

So, please go and see this film. It comes out December 1st, and it'll be worth the wait for sure, so please keep and eye out for it. It's an incredibly important film that everyone needs to see.

Have you read this book? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I HAD NO IDEA THERE WAS A MOVIE!! Definitely going to watch this, I loved the book!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. OMG, if you loved the book, you will LOVE the movie! xx


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