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Hey Guys x

So one of the things that I'm doing this month is watching LOADS of movies! I have a long list of ones that I've never seen. As I finished uni this week, I started off easy. With Easy A.

So prepare to see many film reviews over the summer, particularly older movies like this one!

This is a chick-flick teenage classic that I can't believe I hadn't seen before today!

This film is about a girl called Olive who gets herself into a bit of trouble. She makes up a lie to get out of going to a friends house, but that lie spirals out of control when the friend assumes that Olive has lost her virginity. Rather than put the rumour to bed, Olive enables it and, with the help of gay guys and gift cards, becomes the most talked-about girl in school. However, being talked-about isn't all it's cracked up to be. But can Olive finally dispel the rumour before it's too late?

I really enjoyed this movie. I picked it because it wasn't too heavy. A lot of the other films that I have on my list seem to be deep and dark and, just things that you have to really concentrate on. This seemed like a feel-good movie that I could just watch without too much pressure, and that, it totally was!

I think I'm in love with Emma Stone. I kind of felt it when I saw La La Land, but now it's official, she's my girl-crush and I want to find her and make her my friend, she seems like such fun!

The film had a lot of actors in it that I knew, including Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes and Aly Michalka to name a few! This made watching the film really fun, because I was looking out for them. Plus, it meant that I knew the acting would be awesome, and it was!

I found it weird that, rather than the loss of virginity being deemed as cool, it was seen as a disgusting act. You would think that in high school it would be the other way around! But for some reason, this school (or at least, a lot of the people in it) were religious. This isn't a bad thing about the play, it was just interesting and weird.

But essentially, this is just a really fun film to watch.

If you're bored and can't think of anything to watch, give this a shot. It won't leave you thinking deeply about anything, but it'll leave you smiling with a love for Emma Stone - what more could you want?

Thank you for reading!

Have you seen Easy A? Comment below!

Lou xx


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