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Hey Guys x

As you can see, I have another movie review for you today!

This one was a long time coming! I am obsessed with the 'Shopaholic' book series by Sophie Kinsella, they're one of the reasons that she's my absolute favourite author.

But I waited a hell of a long time to see the film. I guess it's because, when I read about Becky (Rebecca Bloomwood, the protagonist), I never picture her as Isla Fisher. I don't know why,  just didn't. So it took me a while to actually decide to sit down and watch the film.

The film is about a girl called Rebecca Bloomwood who, as you can tell from the title of the film, is a shopaholic. Even with mountains of credit card debt and mountains of clothes that she's never worn, she just can't stop herself from spending money. So when her debt tries to catch up with her and she finds herself unemployed, Rebecca has to find a way to keep herself afloat. Hence a new job at Brandon communications. With a very attractive boss and an extremely popular article under the name of 'the girl in the green scarf'. Will this job be just the thing that she needs to get out of her debt? Or will she realise that a shopaholic can never change their ways?

I don't know how I feel about this film.

On the one hand, I enjoyed it. I was looking for something light and fun to watch and that's exactly what I got. Delving into Rebecca's world was fun and extremely cringe-inducing in equal measure. There were some parts where I literally had to close my eyes and ears to avoid the cringe.  It was also an interesting watch in general, to see someone spiral so far out of control and then try to get that control back. It was great!

But there were some things that I didn't like. At some points, the cringe felt a bit too much, a bit unrealistic. From what I've read in the books (bearing in mind, I haven't read the particular book that this film was based on) it was even too much for the Becky that I know. In the books, you can really get in her head and see what's going on, but in the film, you have no idea what's fuelling her decision-making.

And I tried not to compare the characters in the film to the characters in the books, but I couldn't help it. Not one of the characters matched-up to my expectations. I thought that I would get used to them as the film went on, but I still found it really hard to see, for example, Jessica Jones play Suze.

But overall, it's an enjoyable film that I would recommend, particularly if you haven't read any of the shopaholic books, as that will probably make the experience much better!

Thanks for reading!

Have you seen this? Have you read the books? Comment below!

Lou xx


  1. I love this movie ^_^ But i haven't got round to reading the books, i must pick them up sometime!


    1. You definitely should, they're amazing! xx


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