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Hey Guys x

Sorry for the lack of posts this month! I've been busy and uninspired, which is never a good combination! But I'm back with a few ideas for some posts that I'm really excited to write!

Back in January 2015, I wrote a post about my anxiety surrounding driving. At the time, I was in the middle of lessons, and I don't think I ever did a follow-up post, or even said how everything ended.

So I thought I'd write this post, over two years later, to talk about how I stand with driving right now.

With those lessons before, I had pre-booked about 10 lessons, and was gonna do more depending on how I felt.

However, once I finished my tenth lesson, a huge weight lifted off of me. I was so happy to think that I had a few weeks without having to get in the drivers seat. So I didn't book more.

I told myself I'd give it a few weeks, then book more lessons with a different instructor (because I was never that keen on my instructor. He wasn't awful, but he wasn't particularly nice or supportive either), but I didn't.

It's been two years, and I still haven't.

I thought I'd get over this and decide to drive, especially because I have a hate for many forms of public transport. But the fear and anxiety is still extremely prevalent, so much so that even thinking about driving a car really does scare me.

In the back of my mind, I know that I will have to learn how to drive sooner or later, for convenience if nothing else. But right now, I can't see it happening.

From a practical point of view, I don't currently have a job. Driving lessons are expensive as hell. If I do them, I want to do them until I take my test and then can drive, I want to be able to commit to them, which means that I need to have the money to afford all the lessons.

And then you have to look at the companies. I have it in my head that I'd really like to be taught by a female, just to see if it's a different experience than I had last time, being taught by a male. But I feel weird asking for a female instructor specifically, it's weird.

And then there's just the fear that something bad will happen, like I'll crash the car or get too nervous, or someone will beep me. It scares me so much!

But yeah, those are some of my driving fears.

Thank you for reading.

Do you drive? Are you scared of driving? Comment below!

Lou xx


  1. Driving is really scary. I can understand why you didn't book any more lessons. I've just had my second lesson and I basically spent the whole time swearing at the car and nearly driving off the road. I assume it gets easier. Hope driving works out for you (that is, if you want it to) and you can overcome some of those fears. Also, I'm sure people will understand asking for a female instructor xx

    1. Thank you! I hope yours get better, which will probably happen after you've had a few more lessons xx

  2. I can completely relate to this post, I've been learning to drive for about a year now (I'm definitely not a natural haha) and honestly your driving instructor makes a huge difference. I have a female instructor and she makes me feel so at ease driving even when I lack confidence in my driving, so definitely take the time to find an instructor you get on with! I was terrified to drive and now I'm just over a month away from my test so don't doubt yourself it doesn't matter how long it takes to learn you will get there eventually! xx


    1. Thank you! I hope your test goes well, hopefully it will be great! xx


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