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Hey Guys x
It's time for another tag!
This is a tag that was made up by my good blogger friend Chloe (Professional Daydreamer) before the new year (i.e in 2014)
When I saw it, I made the decision that it would be my first tag of the new year. This is because, not only do I love Chloe's blog and her herself, but I think this is a really good tag, especially if you haven't been blogging for too long or don't read a lot of blogs.
I hope you enjoy it!
Where did you find this tag?
As I've already said, I found this on the blog: Everyone go and check it out because it's amazing!
What's your blog about?
I think I would technically be described as a 'lifestyle' blogger, but I would just say that I post about  anything that interests me, including book reviews.
Why did you start your blog?
For a lot of reasons. Because some of my favourite YouTubers had blogs, because I needed an outlet so that things wouldn't build up, and because I had wanted to start one for ages before I actually did!
What's your favourite topic to write about?
I love writing personal things, like 'Selfie-Shy' because I love reading your advice. I also like posting Book reviews because it gives me an excuse to read some books!
Do you have a blogging routine?
Usually, yes. I post Monday, Wednesday, Friday and once at the weekend. But this week there has been no schedule because my laptop has been playing up!
What bloggers inspire you?
If we're talking about people that I don't consider friends, then Louise Pentland aka SprinkleOfGlitter is my biggest inspiration, both blogging and in life. But I am also inspired majorly by Carrie Hope Fletcher aka AllIKnowNow.
What bloggers have you been aware of since starting your blog?
There are so many! I'm just going to list some of my favourites, click their names to go to their blogs! Chloe, Abi, Eve, Izzy, Lauren, Erin and Carolyn to name a few. Sorry if I missed anyone out, this is off the top of my head!
What resources do you use to promote your blog?
I only use twitter to promote, as well as sending the link to the Beau Bloggers, which is the community that I am a part of. When I tweet, I also mention a few accounts that re-tweet bloggers tweets. However, I have only started doing that this week, so I don't know if it's helpful yet!
Do you see any improvement on your blog since you started it?
Of course, I honestly see improvement in everything! My writing style, my design, my photography, and my posts themselves.
What are your favourite type of blog posts to read?
I like somewhat personal posts because I like to see how someone's blog reflects them. I also like reading monthly favourite posts and reviews!
I tag everyone reading, especially the Beau Bloggers who haven't done it yet!
Thank you for reading.
What are your favourite blogs? Comment them below!
Keep Smiling - Lou xx


  1. This is such a cute tag and I might give it a go myself. I also enjoy reading personal posts the best too xxx

  2. Love this tag!! Going to try it out myself!

    1. I'll definitely check out your responses! xx

  3. Love this tag, im going to try it out myself!

  4. I really want to do this tag! I love it!
    I'm kind of obsessed with Tanya Burr and her vlogs because she doesnt really update her blog too much.I also like DizzyBrunnette3 and what Olivia did are nice blogs to read...

    Katie xoxo

    1. You should do it, I'd love to read your answers! And I'll check out everyone you mentioned xx


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