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Hey Guys x

Up next is 'The Shape Of Water'. I literally just got back from seeing this at the cinema and it's still heavily on my mind for a number of reasons.

It is about a woman called Elisa. She is mute, and as a result only has two people that she really communicates with, leaving her isolated and lonely. She works in some form of government facility, where she comes across something in a tank. Upon closer inspection, she finds that it is a creature that lives in the water, taking on the appearance of a human-type amphibian thing. As it can't speak, and neither can she, she forms a bond with the creature, and becomes completely attached to it. However, when she finds out what the government plan to do with her new friend, she sets out to make sure that this creature gets the life, and freedom, he deserves.


I can't even describe my thoughts and feelings about this film, it's just 'wow'.

Visually, this film is the most stunning piece of art (it's art!) that I might have ever seen. Each scene and set, even the ones in her house, are so pretty and have clearly been made with such care and precision and perfection, its extraordinary. And if it doesn't win the 'cinematography' Oscar, then something's definitely wrong with the Academy!

The subject matter is one that I didn't really understand going into it. All I knew was that 'she falls in love with a fish-man', making me think that it was a warped version of 'The Little Mermaid' or something, but that's definitely not all that it's about.

But yes, they do fall in love. It is the most unconventional of love stories, and one of the most beautiful.

The cast for this film was amazing. Sally Hawkins, who plays the main woman, was amazing. How she managed to convey so much emotion and expression when she didn't speak a word in the whole film is something that I'm completely in awe of. Particularly as the film gets more exciting, and she gets more emotional and passionate, it's all about her face. Talented isn't enough to describe her performance.

And then there's the script and the direction. Aka this is the point in the post where I gush about Guillermo del Toro. Of course he's amazing, he always has been and he probably always will be. But when comparing this to some of my favourites of his, like Crimson Peak and Mama, this blows them all out of the water (no pun intended). I think it's his best work so far, and I'd love for him to get the directing Oscar for it.

Overall, go and see it! Just go and see it. Don't form any judgements, don't listen to any opinions, just go and see it and make your mind up for yourself. Because even if you disagree with me and you completely hate it, it's a film that needs to be seen.

Lou xx


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