A Strong Dependent Woman!

Hey Guys x

So this post is probably going to sound a bit weird, so just go with me!

It's great to be a strong independent woman, and I love women who are. But I'm not.

In some aspects of my life, sure, I can be independent. I can make appointments and do food shopping (online) and write and other things, without having input from someone else, and it's completely fine.

But in many aspects of my life, I an dependent. For example, when I'm making a short film or something, I like to have someone else's input.

When I'm doing something that I'm not sure about, I like to know other people's opinions of my decision before I commit to making it.

Before I go somewhere that I've never been before, I know that I'd love someone to come with me.

It seems that lately, the terms 'strong' and 'independent' can't be separated from each other, but I believe that they totally can.

I can be a strong woman and still depend on a best friend when I'm sad, or a movie when I'm happy, or a book when I'm bored.

I depend on Marvel to make me happy with great movies and in return, I give them all my money!

I depend on things a lot. Like, I am more than happy to spend hours and hours and days and days in my own company, but then I rely on random twitter users to make me laugh, or random Instagram users to entertain me. I depend on storytellers and makers and creators.

And then I depend on people. I depend on friends and family members for all sorts of things.

So in conclusion to this random ramble, I love the idea of being a completely independent woman, I'm just not one. What other people think of me is always on my mind, and as independent as I try to be, I have to rely on things to keep me sane!

What do you rely on? Are you independent?

Lou xx


  1. I'm definitely not always independent, but honestly I'm okay with that and I don't see anything wrong with that. If anything, I like being dependent sometimes.
    Aleeha xXx


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